WATCH: Nigerian Prophet Tells Late Zimbabwe’s Goalkeeeper to Ignore Heart Condition

David Uche, a Nigerian Prophet, is trending on social media following his encounter with late SuperSport United goalkeeper George Chigova, who was recently proven dead.


George Chigova, the former Zimbabwe Warriors goalkeeper, died in his sleep on November 15, 2023, in his Johannesburg home. He has been out of play since July, when he fainted during a SuperSport United training session. He apparently awoke on Wednesday, wandered around the house, and then went back to sleep. When his wife went to wake him up after a long period of sleep, he was unresponsive, and paramedics pronounced him dead.


Uche then assured Chigova that there was nothing wrong with his heart and that it was all in his head. He said that the diagnosis was simply a ploy to keep him from signing a new football contract.


Prior to his death, he frequented the church of Nigerian priest David Uche in Johannesburg. Uche contacted Chigova at church and inquired about the contract extension at SuperSport United. Chigova then responded that they were postponing the process because his heart was weak and erratic.


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