War Hero Praised by Prince Harry Will Receive Blue Parking Badge After Initial Rejection

Ben McBean, a double-amputee ex-Royal Marine praised by Prince Harry and the Invictus Games for his service in Afghanistan, said on Tuesday that he was denied a blue badge because he “doesn’t officially meet the criteria.”

McBean, who lost an arm and leg in a landmine attack in Helmand Province in 2008, was initially granted the badge upon returning to the UK. However, it was revoked after council officials spotted him wearing a prosthetic blade to run the London Marathon in support of Help for Heroes.

After thirteen years, Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer stepped in to help McBean retrieve his blue badge. According to the Daily Mail, McBean’s attempt to renew his badge was rejected on Tuesday.

McBean expressed frustration, saying, “I don’t know what else I can do, to be honest.” During an interview with TalkTV, I simply stated that I did not match certain criteria.

“A year later, when I completed the London Marathon for Help for Heroes, they took it away from me because I had demonstrated my ability to run.

“After 13 years without one, Johnny Mercer helped me reclaim my badge.” That lasted two or three years, and then the date expired.

“I’ve just tried to renew it and today I got an email saying it was unsuccessful.”

McBean stated online that he did not match the criterion for his Disability Living Allowance (DLA), which is required for a blue badge. According to the Plymouth Council website, those who receive the “higher rate mobility component” of DLA are automatically eligible for a blue badge.

The veteran injured his ankle on Remembrance Sunday, severely limiting his mobility, especially because he usually relies on one leg.

He added, “It’s my one and only ankle, so I could really do with a badge, to be honest.”

“I was at the hospital today but obviously, I can’t park at any closer bays because my badge is out of date and I’ve been rejected for a new one.”

McBean stated a wish to appeal the judgment on his blue badge renewal. However, he acknowledged that delays in receiving a response are depressing, noting, “It can take up to 12 weeks to get a response, and obviously I’ve got a broken ankle now.”

On Wednesday, Plymouth City Council stated that it was working with McBean to renew his application, noting that his last application was rejected because it was done under a different name, resulting in his data not being recognized.

“Stories in the media saying that war veteran Ben McBean has been refused a Blue Badge renewal are not correct,” Plymouth City Council said in a statement. “We have contacted Mr McBean to help him resolve an issue caused when he submitted a renewal application under a different name, which meant his details were not recognised.”

Veterans Minister Mercer also announced on Wednesday morning that the matter had been handled. McBean answered, expressing his gratitude for his assistance.

Despite his blue badge, McBean, a war hero, has been accused of faking his disability. While parked in Plymouth, a woman reported him to a traffic warden for allegedly using a fraudulent badge. McBean claimed that the confusion developed because he was wearing skin-colored prosthetics on his leg and arm, which were not immediately visible to her.

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