Veteran Haley McClain Hill Wins $150K on ‘Shark Tank’ for Her Military Apparel Line

Haley McClain Hill, a former US Air Force lieutenant, founded Torch Warrior Wear, a military apparel firm. The veteran left the Air Force in 2021 after nine years of service.

According to the Olean Times Herald, while in active service, she aimed to produce better-fitting undergarments for women that also satisfied US military regulations. She would later construct one-piece bodysuits to replace the “baggy” and “uncomfortable” T-shirts that servicemen wear as part of their combat dress, according to the outlet.

She gained Pentagon approval to launch her Torch Warrior Wear line and design the undergarments. She began manufacturing in Los Angeles and fulfilled orders from her home. She also arranged pop-up sales events, attended military conferences, and held meetings at various military sites to promote Torch Wear.

Recently, she stated that she was looking for ways to market her bodysuit underwear to women who work as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

Hill said her grandmother, Sheila Kehoe, an Air Force veteran, was an inspiration to her as she grew up. Her grandma, she claims, encouraged her to apply for an ROTC scholarship at Penn State. She was a commissioned Air Force officer in Atlanta when she joined the Atlanta Falcons cheerleading team.

In February, Hill appeared on Shark Tank, seeking $150,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in her company. While the majority of the Sharks expressed worries about her ability to meet orders as a tiny firm, Lori Greiner was all in.

However, Greiner desired 25% ownership of the company. Hill negotiated for 20%, but the two were able to reach an agreement of $150,000 for 22.5%.

“It was an incredible experience representing the women in the military and honouring their service,” McClain Hill said to the Times Herald. “I am extremely thankful for the support I received from my family and friends in Olean and will be forever grateful for the experience of being on ‘Shark Tank.’”

Certainly, the empowerment of “women warriors” is important to the company.

“Our products are more than just apparel; they are a blend of technical advancement and style, crafted for comfort and durability,” the company’s website writes. “Designed by a warrior for warriors, our range redefines the essence of a modern-day warrior, echoing our belief in the strength and capability of women in the military.”

It continues, “TORCH’s philosophy is that what you wear significantly impacts how you feel and perform. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they address the real challenges faced by women warriors every day. By wearing TORCH, we aim to elevate performance in even the smallest ways, making a profound difference in the lives of our customers.”

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