US Teen Convicted of Killing His Dad, Stepmom and Siblings When He Was Just 14


A teenager has been found guilty of a massacre he committed in 2019 when he was just 14.


After seven days of witness testimony, Mason Sisk, now 17, was found guilty of four counts of capital murder in a shocking verdict.



Although Sisk will not face the death penalty, he could be sentenced to life in prison on July 25 without the possibility of parole.


The teenager was accused of shooting and killing five members of his family in September 2019, when he was just 14.


The shootings occurred in Elkmont, a small town near the Tennessee state line.


Sisk killed his family while they slept on September 2, 2019, in their home near the Tennessee border.


Before shooting his parents and three siblings – including his infant brother – execution-style, Mason Wayne Sisk had tried to poison his stepmother by putting peanut butter in her coffee, knowing she was allergic, according to authorities.



The murders happened after Sisk found out his stepmother was not his biological mother.



After the crime, Sisk had confessed, telling investigators he did not want his siblings to grow up in the home where their parents frequently argued.



Sisk’s first trial in 2022 was declared a mistrial after prosecutors discovered new evidence from his adoptive mother, Mary Sisk’s phone, which was unlocked by the FBI on the third day of the trial.



According to WHNT, the verdict was obtained after district attorney Brian Jones urged jurors to utilize common sense in his closing statement.


The defense asked the jury to consider all of the evidence and determine if there was reasonable doubt that Sisk committed the crime.


On April 26, both sides rested their cases after the State called 31 witnesses and the defense called none.


Jurors heard from state witness investigator Johnny Morrell on the penultimate day of testimony, who recounted Mary Sisk’s mobile phone, the interview with Mason the night of the crime, and Mason’s confession to the crime.

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