US Gymnast Fred Richard Makes History at World Gymnastics Championships

Fred Richard of the United States became the first American male in 13 years to win a global gymnastics championship all-around medal, capturing bronze.

At the age of 19, he is also the youngest American man to win an Olympic or world all-around medal.According to NBC Sports, Richard fell on his final routine, high bar, and it appeared that he would lose a medal, but he still placed third behind Ukraine’s Ilia Kovtun and Japan’s Daiki Hashimoto, who won the gold medal.

“Just happy that the hard work finally paid off… You know this work wasn’t just me, it was my friends and family, and my coaches all put together to bring this medal home to the US,” he expressed to Antwerp2023 after the event, according to Essentially Sports.

Richard is the first American guy to earn a global all-around medal since Jonathan Horton’s bronze medal effort in 2010. In addition, the athlete created history by becoming the first American man since 2003’s Paul Hamm to win bronze medals in both the team and all-around disciplines at a single world championship, and the first to do it at an international competition.

Richard, who won the junior all-around title in the United States in 2021, was a prospective contender for the senior 2022 World team but was denied since he competed in a junior international event earlier in 2022. A gymnast is not permitted to compete in both junior and senior international competitions in the same year.

The Stoughton native won the NCAA all-around championship as a freshman at Michigan in April, and he finished third at the US Championships in August.

According to USA Gymnastics, Richard is one of four American men to win a World all-around medal with a bronze medal, joining legends like as Paul Hamm (Gold, 2003), Kurt Thomas (Silver, 1979), and Jonathan Horton (Bronze, 2010).

He is also the first American male to win a team and an all-around medal since 2003 (Hamm; team silver, all-around gold), and the first to win multiple medals at a World Championships since Hall of Famer Danell Leyva (team bronze, parallel bars silver; 2014).

The record-setting teen shared that he is glad his hard work has manifested this way. “When I go to the gym every day, I am happy because I know I am working towards getting medals. And when it pays off, it’s just the greatest thing. But the journey itself was just as fun because I was happy the whole time and committed to getting this,” he told Gymnastics now, according to Sportskeeda.

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