US Ambassador and Embassy Staff in Sudan Take Shelter as Fighting Breaks Out


The US ambassador and embassy staff in Sudan have been forced to seek refuge as the country’s army and a powerful paramilitary group exchange fire in Khartoum.

On Saturday, April 15, a fight broke out between the military and the Rapid Support Forces militia.

The RSF claimed control of the presidential palace, the home of army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and Khartoum’s international airport, where fighting has continued, cutting the country off.

There have also been reports of clashes in other cities in what appears to be a coup attempt by the militia, which claims to have been attacked first by the army.

Reports have emerged that Sudan’s air force is conducting strikes on paramilitary bases in Khartoum as the army aims to crack down on the RSF who it has labelled ‘rebels’.

John Godfrey, US ambassador to Sudan, tweeted: ‘I just arrived late last night in Khartoum and woke up to the deeply disturbing sounds of gunfire and fighting.

‘I am currently sheltering in place with the Embassy team, as Sudanese throughout Khartoum and elsewhere are doing.’

The British embassy in Sudan said ‘we advise all British nationals in Sudan to remain indoors’.

‘We are closely monitoring the situation in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan where there are ongoing military clashes.’

Russia’s embassy in the country also expressed concerned at the ‘escalation of violence’ and has urged a ceasefire.

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