UN Chief ‘Deeply Troubled’ By Reports Israel Using AI To Identify Gaza Targets

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced deep worry on Friday over claims that Israel was employing artificial intelligence to select targets in Gaza.

According to a report in the Israeli magazine +972, Israel has utilized artificial intelligence to identify targets in Gaza, sometimes with as little as 20 seconds of human supervision.

In a statement, Guterres said he was “deeply troubled by reports that the Israeli military’s bombing campaign includes Artificial Intelligence as a tool in the identification of targets, particularly in densely populated residential areas, resulting in a high level of civilian casualties.”

“No part of life and death decisions which impact entire families should be delegated to the cold calculation of algorithms,” he said.

The study states that “the Israeli army has marked tens of thousands of Gazans as suspects for assassination, using an AI targeting system with little human oversight and a permissive policy for casualties.”

In a rare admission of guilt, Israel apologized on Friday to a series of blunders and violations of its standards in the killing of seven charity workers in Gaza, claiming it had incorrectly assumed it was “targeting armed Hamas operatives”.

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