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Ukraine’s Zelensky Turned G7 summit into a Propaganda Show – Russia says

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The leaders of the Group of Seven leading economies (G7) have come under fire from Russia for allegedly staging a “propaganda show” at their summit in Hiroshima, Japan by bringing the president of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and inciting “anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria.”

At the G7 summit over the weekend, nations decided to impose tighter restrictions on Russian diamonds and energy. The G7 nations have decided to provide Ukraine with the critical F-16 fighter fighters it needs to support its assault against Russia.


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“The leaders of the G7 brought to their meeting the ringleader of the Kyiv regime they control and turned the Hiroshima event into a propaganda show,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The summit’s “main conclusion was a bunch of announcements filled with hateful anti-Russian and also anti-Chinese messages,” a statement said.


The Russian foreign ministry said the G7 has become “an incubator in which, under the leadership of the Anglo-Saxons, destructive initiatives that undermine global stability are worked out.”

The West’s decline in global influence “is forcing the members of this body to put all their efforts into whipping up anti-Russian and anti-Chinese hysteria,” the statement said.

“We are certain that our evaluation of the G7 and its destructive actions is shared by the majority of the international community,” it added.


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