Uganda: Rainbow On Building Erased After Homosexuality Controversy



After an outcry from parents who claimed the “satanic” drawing promoted homosexuality in the Christian-majority country, Ugandan authorities announced the removal of a rainbow painted on a building in a children’s park.

Mayor Fabrice Brad Rulinda said in a statement Wednesday that a local organization had painted one of the towers in the Entebbe city park in rainbow colors as part of the area’s beautification.

“For years, children in Uganda have only seen the rainbow as a beautiful arc of colours and one that biblically reflects the beauty and majesty of God,” he said, regretting that “some movements have decided to use the rainbow to represent certain acts that go against the norms of the Ugandan people.

“We must fight against all vices that can corrupt the minds of our children and it is in this context that the concerns raised by the public have been addressed and the rainbow paint has been removed from the children’s park,” he said.

Emmanuel Mugabe, a member of the National Parents Association, told AFP the rainbow colours on the tower were “satanic” and signalled “an invasion of homosexuality through the manipulation of the minds of children”.

“We are delighted that the rainbow has been removed before we do it ourselves,” he added.

The case stems from a public outcry in Kasese, Uganda, where local authorities are attempting to pass legislation recognizing gay, lesbian, and transgender rights.

In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, the Minister of State for Local Government advised the authorities “to abandon the proposed legislation as it contradicts Ugandan laws and the social and cultural well-being of the people of Kasese and Uganda in general”.

The Ugandan government formed a committee last month to investigate the alleged “promotion” of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights in schools.

Uganda has strict anti-homosexuality legislation, but no prosecutions for consensual homosexual acts have occurred in recent years.

A Ugandan court ruled in 2014 that a bill passed by MPs and signed by President Yoweri Museveni that sought to impose life imprisonment for same-sex relationships was unconstitutional.


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