U.S.: Why Viral Pink Sauce’s Creator Launched GoFundMe With A $100,000 Goal

Veronica Shaw, the TikTok creator behind last year’s controversial Pink Sauce craze, claims she has not been paid by sauce business Dave’s Gourmet since they took her viral creation to Walmart stores nationwide.

In a  launched last week, Shaw claimed that she is broke because the company that helped her sauce go legitimate isn’t holding up its end of the bargain.

“As a young entrepreneur with big dreams, I followed my intuition and went forth toward my dreams to create something new,” she wrote in the campaign, which has a goal of $100,000. “I made a few mistakes on the way. Which lead me to trust a company that is trying to take everything away from me. They lied to me. They are not paying me and are not being transparent about records.”

She accused the company, which she doesn’t identify directly but is almost probably Dave’s Gourmet according to a deal she negotiated with them last year, of failing to compensate her for marketing expenses she paid for herself. “I have been silenced and financially sabotaged,” she continued. “I am a single mom and I do everything for my kids. Right now I don’t even have enough money to buy my kids food on my own.”

A spokesman for Dave’s Gourmet refuted Shaw’s allegations in a statement provided to Blavity.
“Dave’s Gourmet has adhered to the terms of the agreement with Ms. Shaw. We disagree with Ms. Shaw’s allegations,” the statement reads.

“Dave’s Gourmet has paid Chef Pii over $120,000 to date and it continues to make all payments as due and on time based upon the terms of the contract. We’ve offered to reimburse Ms. Shaw for her lawyer’s time to go over the terms of the agreement and how it relates to the payments that were made to Ms. Shaw. She indicated that she’s open to an amicable resolution of the dispute and the parties are in discussions.”

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