U.S. Vice President Harris Wraps Up Visit To Africa


The U. S. vice president has ended her weeklong trip across Africa. Kamala Harris met with Zambia’s, Tanzania’s and Ghana’s heads of state during her 3-leg journey.

If the influence of other foreign powers loomed over her trip, she tried to deepen and reframe U.S. relationships with the continent.

She highlighted major steps in that direction, on Saturday (Apr. 1st).

“In my meetings with the presidents of Ghana and Tanzania, and here in Zambia, we have launched new initiatives to strengthen our business ties. We have also advanced our work to support democracy and good governance on the continent, which will invariably create greater stability, predictability, the type that businesses require and need to invest,” she added.

“In each of these engagements. It has been clear there was a strong desire from leaders on this continent, from young entrepreneurs on this continent to increase investments on this continent.”

Digital access to Africa’s economy

If Harris acknowledged some places on the continent lead the world in digital solutions, she laid out an agenda for partnerships in digital solutions as she pointed to discrepancies across Africa. For these, she vowed U.S support.

“[…] In other places on the continent, we see that there is a lag and that there are many who lag behind and we must be clear about the challenges presented to close these gaps and then commit to take action because solutions are within sight and within reach.”

The United States have ramped up efforts to reengage with African countries after last year’s US-Africa summit. President Joe Biden said he intends to visit this year as well.

“President Biden, through these initiatives, has pledged to work with the United States Congress to invest $350 million and to facilitate nearly half a billion dollars in development financing, to make sure that people across the continent can participate in the digital and global economy.”

After speaking during a roundtable discussion with business and philanthropic leaders in Lusaka, Kamala Harris departed for Washington.

Harris’ visit is the latest in a string of visits to Africa by high profile U.S officials.

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