U.S.: Majority of Insurance Claims in Tampa Bay Will Be Due to Flooding

You’ve probably already contacted your carrier if you have a flood coverage, but they may not send an adjuster to your home straight away. Now is the moment to take action to reduce the harm and maximize the value of your claim.

Before you begin cleaning, experts recommend that you take a video walk-through of each impacted area. Once you’ve documented all of your destroyed and damaged belongings, you can take steps to protect the rest of your home.

Melissa DeVriese, President of Security First Insurance Company, told ABC Action News, “If there are holes in the house, those should be boarded up. If they need to get water out of the house, they should first contact their insurance provider. See if the insurance provider can send out a water mitigation company. If not, or if they don’t have insurance and they should look to obtain a water mitigation company and get the water out of their house as soon as possible.”

Also, do not discard goods that have been damaged or destroyed. If they must be removed, store them outside or in the garage in case your insurance assessor need them. If you must dispose of something, make a snapshot of it first.

If you don’t have flood insurance, you may qualify for emergency financial help from FEMA.


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