U.S’ Cheapest Supermarket Expands into Spain

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The cheapest supermarket in the United States expands into Spain.


In a market dominated by Mercadona, Lidl, and Carrefour, among others, it is extremely difficult to gain access to a small brand. Entry to the competition is thus restricted to large chains that have made a significant investment.


Distributors are calm since it is extremely difficult for a new supermarket to establish itself in the minds of consumers and gain ground over existing supermarkets. At the same time, they are concerned about the demise of a global firm with hyper-competitive prices and quality.


Recently, one of the major supermarket chains in the United States has indicated a substantial commitment to the Peninsula market: Costco, the world’s largest price club supermarket chain; second in trade only to Walmart and before Carrefour.


With over 800 outlets worldwide, the American corporation has warned that it is making a significant commitment to Spain. To date, four supermarkets have opened: one in Las Rozas, one in Getafe, one in Bilbao, and one in Seville.


It will also build a new store in Zaragoza’s Plaza Imperial soon. Although the grand opening is still a few months away, the company’s investment is already known: 100 million euros, which translates into 260 new jobs for a 15,000 square meter complex that will also include a gas plant station.

Zaragoza is not the only proposed location in Spain for its expansion. Malaga has already caught your attention and even has a location. It will begin with a major renovation of Málaga Nostrum’s cinema and recreational area, where the Cotsco supermarket will be erected. The demolition of the Cinesur theatres and the entire leisure complex, which still houses one of the few bowling alleys that remain in the capital, as well as various hotels and restaurants, has already been permitted by urban planning.

According to land register records, the international Costco Wholesale, the “low cost” hypermarket, that is, with inexpensive and affordable pricing, which already has stores in Seville, Getafe, Las Rozas de Madrid, and Bizkaia, has a 14,463 square meter plot.

The relocation of the movies, run by Mk2 Cinesur, to another warehouse on the site will be the first stage in the future makeover of the Málaga Nostrum shopping area. The Local Government Board accepted the thorough study pushed by Bogaris Retail for the plot where the rooms will be relocated, categorized as Business Park-2, under the partial plan of Málaga’s SUP-G.4 “Ordóez,” located on Orense street, where Conforama used to be, at the end of January.



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