Tyson Fury’s Dad Reveals Why He Turned Down Son’s Gift Of A $500,000 Rolls-Royce

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WBC boxing champion, Tyson Fury has revealed he turned down his son’s offer of a Rolls-Royce worth $500,000.


John Fury, 58, said the world boxing champ, 35, tricked him into going to a car shop, saying he wanted to buy a car for his wife Paris.

Fury recalled: “I see the price. It’s a £500,000 car.


“I said, ‘She doesn’t need that to do the school run.’



“We had a little bit of an argument and he said, ‘No dad, it’s yours.

‘”You are driving a 30-year-old car around.’”

John was “gobsmacked” but told Tyson: “It’s not me.

“I’m not a poser and I don’t want to try to be in anybody’s face.

“I don’t want to make people jealous.

“I love my VW. It’s got memories from when I was a young man.”


He said the car dealer near Manchester, UK told him nobody had ever turned down a Rolls-Royce Phantom II before.

John admitted he was choked up by his son’s generosity but added: “But give me a cheese sandwich, a cup of tea and put me a western on and I’m away.”

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