Tyrod Taylor Becomes the First Black Quarterback to Win a Game for the New York Giants

The New York Giants’ Saturday victory over the Washington Commanders was not only a major victory, but also a landmark day for Quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Giants have been around for nearly a century, but this was the first time a Black quarterback had won a game for the team.

Taylor started the game for the Giants in their victory, becoming the team’s first black quarterback to do so. In addition, starting against the Commanders makes him the Giants’ second black quarterback to do so. In 2017, current Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was the first.

Taylor is not a regular starter for the Giants, but he filled in for Daniel Jones, who was injured. According to the Messenger, he had 279 yards, two touchdowns, and no turnovers in front of the home fans at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

In 2015, the Pro Bowler was chosen to play in a regular season game. Prior to joining the Giants, he started 53 games. He led the Bills to their first playoff appearance since 1999 in 2015.

He is in his second season as Jones’ backup with the Giants. There are even claims that Taylor outperforms Jones. Given the amount of money they both earn, the matter appears to be a non-starter. Jones is paid $40 million each year, whereas Taylor is paid $5.5 million.

Taylor also played a season with the Cleveland Browns following his time with the Buffalo Bills before joining the Los Angeles Chargers.

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