Tupac Shakur Wouldn’t Want Keefe D in Prison – Outlawz Rapper Napoleon

Outlawz rapper Napoleon has backed claim of Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis being held in custody over Tupac’s murder because he couldn’t stop running his mouth.


Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, one of the sites where Keefe blabbed about his role in the Tupac case, Napoleon expressed his disdain for Keefe’s circumstances.


He added that he never had enough interest to watch the entire Keefe interview, but believes that clout-chasing got the best of him because he was openly bragging about riding in the car involved in Tupac’s murder.


The rapper also stated that reliving the circumstances surrounding Tupac’s murder nearly 30 years later was a bad idea for Keefe, who is now 60.


He went on to say that if Tupac had survived the shooting, he wouldn’t want Keefe to rot in prison, a sentiment shared by Suge Knight, who was driving the BMW when he and Pac were shot.


Suge Knight, who spoke to TMZ from prison earlier this week, triple-downed on his unwillingness to implicate Keefe in any way, as well as claiming Keefe’s relative, the late Orlando Anderson, pulled the bullet.


Orlando, Keefe’s nephew, was long suspected of being the shooter, but he was killed in a 1998 shooting. Suge and Keefe are the only two guys left standing from the 1996 shooting.


Tupac’s father had also rejected Orlando as the shooter, believing the government murdered his son and Keefe was just a tool.

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