Transgender Girl Misses Graduation After School Made Her Dress Like A Boy


After a judge refused to prevent her school’s administration from making her wear a suit like the male classmates receiving their diplomas, a transgender girl reportedly did not attend her high school graduation.


According to the ACLU of Mississippi, Harrison Central High School instructed 17-year-old “L.B.” earlier this month to adhere to the boys’ dress code for Saturday’s graduation ceremony, which includes wearing “pants, socks, and shoes, like a boy.”

After L.B. had bought a dress and heels to go with her hat and gown, the order was given. L.B. and her family’s case against the district was ultimately brought by the ACLU.


A U.S. district judge reportedly denied the emergency plea, upholding the school’s stance.

Multiple reports said she ended up missing the ceremony as a result.


In 2021, Mississippi will become the first state in America to forbid transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports following the recent incident.The use of hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and transitioning surgery for juveniles was prohibited by a new law that Governor Tate Reeves signed in February. He called trans children “a dangerous movement spreading across America.”

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