Top 50 Most Attractive Nationalities in the World

Top 50 Most Attractive Nationalities in the World


The top 50 most attractive nationalities in the world have been announced, and India takes the top spot, with the United States defeating Sweden to second place.

The ranking was created by analyzing thousands of Reddit posts regarding attractive countries. All Reddit posts mentioning the words ‘attractive,”sexy,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘handsome,’ ‘lovely,’ ‘excellent looking,’ ‘pretty,’ and ‘hot’ with a country were examined. The amount of posts, comments, and upvotes were then used to calculate a score.

According to a research conducted by swimsuit brand Pour Me, Japanese people are the fourth most attractive, Canadians are the fifth most attractive, and Brazilians are the sixth most gorgeous.

The rest of the top ten comprises France (seventh), Italy (eighth), Ukraine (ninth) and Denmark (10th).

The UK misses out on a top 10 spot – it comes 12th. But the study revealed that British men are thought of as the most attractive.

1. India 2,628 (Reddit posts and upvotes)

2. USA 1,936

3. Sweden 1,899

4. Japan 1,468

5. Canada 1,312

6. Brazil 1,096

7. France 1,033

8. Italy 1,024

9. Ukraine 958

10. Denmark 926

11. Poland 919

12. UK 773

13. Germany 721

14. Spain 594

15. Mexico 587

16. China 574

17. Ireland 490

18. Israel 482

19. The Netherlands 443

20. Colombia 443

21. Norway 419

22. Turkey 416

23. Australia 405

24. New Zealand 390

25. Lebanon 340

26. Romania 330

27. Pakistan 324

28. Czech Republic 285

29. Finland 259

30. Greece 255

31. Venezuela 250

32. Ethiopia 245

33. The Philippines 234

34. Thailand 197

35. Portugal 171

36. Vietnam 168

37. Iceland 166

38. Hungary 162

39. Somalia 156

40. Armenia 150

41. Belgium 147

42. Croatia 143

43. Saudi Arabia 125

44. Egypt 117

45. Chile 116

46. Cuba 92

47. Albania 89

48. Latvia 74

49. Indonesia 73

50. Switzerland 69

Source: Pour Moi



What other countries have heartthrobs?

India is ranked second among the’most attractive male nationalities,’ followed by Italy, the United States, and Sweden in fifth place.

India tops the list of the’most attractive female nationalities,’ with Japan second, Sweden third, Poland fourth, and Italy fifth.



1. India

2. Japan

3. Sweden

4. Poland

5. Italy

6. Brazil

7. Ukraine

8. France

9. Israel

10. USA


1. UK

2. India

3. Italy

4. USA

5. Sweden

6. Japan

7. France

8. Ireland

9. Belgium

10. Brazil

Source: Pour Moi

As part of the study, Midjourney, an AI image generation tool, was tasked with producing images of what it thinks attractive people in 14 of the countries look like.

Pour Moi said: ‘When it comes to the most attractive women around the world, Indian women top the list for Reddit users. With an extremely successful Bollywood movie scene, with women wearing gorgeous gowns and wearing equally-as-eye-catching make-up and hair, it’s easy to see why these women have been crowned the most attractive.

‘Making up the remainder of the top three are Japanese and Swedish women. Both with their own uniquely distinctive looks, Japanese women often sport super clean looks that are the envy of fashionistas around the globe whilst Swedish women are regularly photographed opting for a more paired-back minimal style, often accompanied with their recognisable blonde locks.’

It added: ‘For the most attractive male nationalities, the UK tops the list for users online who may be swooning over the quintessentially British handsome man you think of from classic period dramas such as Pride & Prejudice or a more modern-day heartthrob.

‘Indian men are second in the list as the most attractive men, whether it’s their sultry good looks drawing people in or their typically strong family values people find enticing.

‘Rounding off the top three are Italian men, known for being quite passionate about life and more expressive with their feelings, it’s easy to see why users would find them so attractive.’

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