Top 5 Worst Cities to Live in Africa in 2023

In its study “The Global Liveability Index 2023,” the Economist Intelligence Unit listed the world’s top ten most liveable cities as well as the top ten least liveable cities.

This report ranks cities based on five key factors: stability (crime and conflict levels), healthcare (availability and quality), environmental/cultural factors (climate, religious restrictions, food, and drinks), education (availability and quality), and infrastructure (roads, public transportation, water, housing, energy, and telecommunications quality).

African cities such as Lagos (Nigeria) and Algiers (Algeria), according to the research, have made progress, with some improvements in their healthcare and education systems.

While corruption remains a problem, some additional public financing has been made available for infrastructure and public services, which have also benefited from the decrease in COVID cases.

However, half of the ten cities with the lowest liveability scores are in Africa. The following African cities have been rated for their liveability:

1. Tripoli, Libya

2. Algiers, Algeria

3. Lagos, Nigeria
4. Harare, Zimbabwe
5. Douala, Cameroon

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