Top 5 Podcast Apps Beyond Google for Android and iOS Users

Google Podcasts has officially ended. After a successful run, the podcasting app has been discontinued by the internet giant. Users should now utilize the YouTube Music app instead. Not everyone is pleased with the shutdown, and many are looking for a good Google Podcasts alternative.

The advised transfer from Google Podcasts is not going well, with YouTube Music missing a number of popular podcasts, including Google’s own Made by Google podcast. Furthermore, many users prefer to use a different app for podcasting because it generally gives a better experience.

As a result, the finest Google Podcasts alternatives are witnessing a significant increase in usage, which is why we’ll go over some of your top options for a comeback listen. Most serve as some of the finest podcast apps for Android, but we’ve also included options for iPhone users who may have used Google Podcasts.

When starting a podcast, it’s important to select the best platform for your needs. Granted, they all have the same fundamental features, such as downloads for offline listening and increased playing speed, but there are some subtle distinctions across the terrain. From varied features to more straightforward interfaces, the proper platform will fit your needs.

Podcasts have endured pandemics, recessions, and other challenges, indicating their long-term viability. So, take up a chair, put on your headphones, and begin listening to your favorite podcasts on one of these popular platforms.

1. Spotify

Available: iOS and Android

That’s right, it’s not limited to music! Spotify has been expanding its podcast offering for some time now, providing a comprehensive experience that can be integrated into your existing audio library. Even more impressive, it works with a variety of other devices, including smartwatches like the Pixel Watch 2 and Apple Watch Series 9.

However, while Spotify was once the king of podcast exclusives, the firm has begun to make its originals available on other platforms. Even the Joe Rogan Experience, one of the world’s most popular podcasts, has been formally released to the public, ending the exclusivity arrangement in February 2024.


2. Pocket Casts

Available: iOS and Android

Pocket Casts is widely regarded as one of the greatest podcasting apps available today, making it an obvious alternative for consumers who want to skip Google Podcasts and YouTube Music. It’s packed with features, such as quiet reduction and enhanced listening speed, allowing you to get as much listening done as possible.

Furthermore, Pocket Casts is user-friendly. The UI makes it simple to discover new podcasts with its dedicated Discovery page and revisit old favorites with the Podcasts tab, so you don’t have to do any searching to locate what you’re looking for.


3. Overcast

Available: iOS only

Apple Podcasts is not the only iOS-exclusive on the list. Overcast is a popular solution that only works in the Apple ecosystem, which is unfortunate because it is an excellent platform. It has an easy-to-use design and a useful playlist feature that allows you to group episodes and shows together.

Most importantly, Overcast is ideal for sharing clips with others. It has a unique function that allows you to send a one-minute sample, either audio or video, to a fellow listener to pique their attention. Overcast, the other noteworthy Google Podcasts replacement for iPhone consumers, is characterized by its simplicity.


4.  Apple Podcasts

Available: iOS only

If you’re ditching Google Podcasts on your iPhone, some of these options may not work properly. Fortunately, Apple has its own specialized podcasting service, Apple Podcasts, that people already in the ecosystem rely on.

Apple Podcasts includes a variety of excellent suggestion capabilities as well as the clean UI that iOS users have come to expect. It excels at discovery, recommending podcasts based on your previous listening habits and what’s hot. Some podcasts will even receive bonus content on Apple Podcasts, allowing you to truly stick it in the faces of Android users!


5. Audible

Available: iOS and Android

No, it is not only for listening to audiobooks! Audible, the Amazon-owned online platform, is most known for its audiobook library, but it also provides a fantastic podcast experience, including some exclusive to the platform.

Admittedly, the emphasis on audiobooks makes podcasting less user-friendly than some of the dedicated solutions on our list. However, if you currently use Audible, you should find it to be an excellent replacement for Google Podcasts in your daily life.

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