Top 20 World’s Most Attractive Employers for IT Students 2023

According to this year’s top 20 — part of the World’s Most Attractive Employers study — IT students are interested in working for Sony, Mercedes-Benz Group, and Goldman Sachs.

The most recent Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers rankings are based on student responses from nine economies at various college and university grade levels. Canada, Germany, and the United States are three of the economies. Between the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023, responses were gathered. Students identified the employers with whom they would most like to work.

Google scored first among IT students. Siemens was placed No. 20, matching its position on the 2022 list for IT students. Mercedes-Benz Group and Accenture both climbed six places. Almost all of the top ten positions were the same as in the 2022 ranking.

The top 20 employers based on answers from IT students are listed below. We’ve listed the industries that each employer works in below, as reported by Universum to Insider.


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