Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards in the World

Cricket is a popular sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is known for its rich history, intricate rules, and passionate fan base. This bat-and-ball game has its origins in England and has since spread to various corners of the globe, becoming especially prominent in countries like India, Australia, England, Pakistan, and South Africa.

Cricket, like any other sport, has a governing board that oversees the sport’s administration and finances. These boards are critical in organizing tournaments, handling player contracts, and generating cash through media rights and sponsorships.

International Cricket Council governs the sport on a global scale and organizes important cricket competitions such as the 2023 ODI Men’s World Cup.

In addition to the ICC, each cricket-playing country has its own cricket board. HowAfrica examines the top ten richest cricket boards in the globe.

1. BCCI 

With a remarkable net worth of $2.25 billion, India’s Board of Council for Cricket is the richest cricket board in the world. The popularity of cricket in the world’s most populous country is one of the key factors leading to his high net worth. Team India also boasts the largest fan base of any team in the world. Furthermore, the global fan base of the BCCI’s domestic competition, the IPL (Indian Premier competition), has significantly increased the cricket board’s earnings.


2. CA 

Cricket Australia has a reported net worth of $79 million, making it the world’s second-richest cricket board. In addition, the Australian Cricket Board is in charge of the Big Bash League (BBL), the world’s second-most popular T20 league after the IPL.


3. ECB

The England and Wales Cricket Board is the world’s third wealthiest cricket board. The England cricket team has a significant fan base and draws enormous crowds to their stadiums in all three formats. The ECB’s net worth is reported to be $59 million.


4. PCB 

The Pakistan Cricket Board is ranked fourth on the list of the world’s wealthiest boards. Cricket is huge in South Asia, and Team Pakistan has a sizable fan base. The PSL (Pakistan Super League), which began in 2016, is one of the sources for PCB’s revenue. PCB is the second-richest Asian cricket board, with a net value of $55 million.


5. BCB

Bangladesh Cricket Board is the world’s sixth richest cricket board. The BCB has made great progress in recent years, with the success of the national team and the popularity of cricket in Bangladesh helping to boost its earnings. Because to the growing popularity of cricket in the country, they have a reported net worth of $51 million.


6. CSA

Cricket South Africa is the world’s sixth richest cricket board, with a reported net worth of $47 million. The CSA has a strong domestic framework that includes List-A cricket and the Betway T20 Challenge. In 2023, the South African board launched the SA T20, which is projected to create additional money for the board.


7. ZCB 

Zimbabwe Cricket Board is the world’s seventh richest cricket board. Cricket as a sport is slowly but steadily gaining acceptance in South Africa. The ZCB, which has a net value of $38 million, is seeking to improve its domestic structure and attract additional investment in the sport.


8. SLC

Due to the country’s financial instability, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board has suffered a decrease in revenue and sponsorships. Team Sri Lanka used to be one of the strongest international cricket teams; however, financial losses have fueled resentment among cricketers and fans alike. The board is continuously seeking methods to increase revenue and secure sponsorships for the squad.


9. WICB 

With a net value of $15 million, the West Indies Cricket body is the ninth richest cricket body in the world. The WICB, like the SLC, has suffered a decline in revenue in recent years. Due to financial constraints, the West Indies Team, which was once one of the most fearsome cricketing teams in the world, has witnessed a fast decrease in performance. Their sole significant source of revenue is the CPL (Caribbean Premier League), which began in 2013.


10. NZC 

The New Zealand Cricket Board is the world’s ninth wealthiest cricket board. They have a net value of $9 million despite being one of the minor cricketing nations. This is largely owing to Team New Zealand’s continuously strong performance in international events, as well as their ability to attract sponsors and gain broadcasting partnerships.


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