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Top 10 Luxury Safari Resorts in South Africa to Add to Your Bucket List

Lion Sands
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Aside from possessing 17% of the world’s population (1.4 billion as of January 25, 2023), Africa also has 30% of the world’s mineral resources and over 3,000 ethnic groupings. These various tribes each have their own distinct, endearing, and intriguing old cultures, customs, and traditions, which combine to create Africa the home of spectacular and sparkling cultural festivals, ceremonies, and rituals. More national and international cultural programs and events are held throughout the year in various regions of the continent, displaying the exclusive, enviable, and fascinating African cultures to national and international audiences.

Aside from its fascinating cultures, Africa is home to numerous plant and animal species, historical heritage sites, unmatched landscapes, and engaging environmental aspects. The most important characteristics of tourist export in Africa are the unique cultures, heritage sites, wildlife, water bodies, flora and fauna, and other fascinating environmental features. Year after year, the tourism industry attracts previously inconceivable numbers of travelers who are charmed and astounded by the views of the continent’s unique assets.

Wildlife adventures, safari visits, luxury boat excursions, mountain climbing, sea diving, and cultural fiestas are just a few of the activities available at various times in various African wildlife parks, game lodges, and other tourist facilities.

Southern Africa is known as a tourism hub for unique safari experiences, and it is the continent’s leading tourist destination and main destination for luxury tourism, with South Africa having more tourist locations. According to New World Wealth, South Africa is home to about 38,000 High-Net-Worth-Individuals and over 85,000 High-Net-Worth-Individuals who visit the nation for a luxury vacation, primarily from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

The following are the top ten luxury safari lodges in South Africa for the super-rich, chosen based on the following rating criteria: renowned for quality service, exclusivity and safety, presence of wildlife and fascinating flora and fauna, increased popularity and patronage among the wealthy, home feel, and presence of original forest habitat.


Bushmans Kloof

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Bushmans Kloof is located on South Africa’s West Coast in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains. It is a modest and stunning natural sanctuary, wilderness reserve, and health resort nestled among 10,000-year-old bush art sites, open grasslands, sandstone formations, and mountains. The ancient property on which the Bushmans Kloof is located was originally a crop and animal farm before being rebuilt into what it is today. Dining in the shepherd’s hut, relaxing under the stars at Embers, savoring local and foreign cuisines in the flower field, picnicking at the rock art sites, and a thrilling drive through the reserve with lovely panoramic views of nature are just a few of the resort’s memorable experiences.


Ngala Tented Camp

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Ngala Tented Camp is a sleek, small, and romantic starlit camp in the pristine Ngala Private Game Reserve, with nine suites, a deep riverine woodland, and a sandy bed overlooking the Timbavati Riverbed. Ngala Tented Camp, located in South Africa’s largest and most known game reserve, offers one of the most exciting safari game drives led by skilled rangers to enjoy breathtaking views of the Big 5 and other iconic and endangered wildlife. The bushwalking expeditions allow guests to experience the ambiance of the forest’s animals and plants. The tree house provides an exceptional overnight experience of resting on an elevated, safe, and warm building under the dazzling night stars and cool atmosphere.


Leopard Hills

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Leopard Hills offers an exceptional 5-star luxury experience in the world-renowned Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Visitors can go on safari game drives with trained rangers to see the Big 5 and other species. The Walking Trails is a trail that allows you to explore the outdoors while staying close to nature and the friendly woodland dwellers. Among of the fascinating activities in the park include private game viewing, bird watching, and wildlife photography. Leopard Hills, built on a hill overlooking the Reserve, offers luxury lodgings, huge pools, bush food, and modern conveniences to ensure tourists have a memorable time in the park.


Londolozi Game Reserve

Photo Credit: Elsa Young

Londolozi Private Game Reserve, established in 1926, is one of South Africa’s original private game reserves. It is located on the Sand River’s banks, in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game, within the famous Kruger National Park. It provides a unique, opulent, and memorable experience. Londolozi is worldwide renowned for its foresight, sustainable land and animal management practices, environmental consciousness, and environmental rehabilitation. It provides views of the Londolozi Leopards and other animals, a bath in the Private Granite Suites, a Wellness and Healing House, safari drives, local and international food, and a variety of other enjoyable activities.



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Sir Richard Branson owns Ulusaba, a private game reserve. It is a lodge with 20 rooms and suites divided across three buildings: the Rock Lodge, the Cliff Lodge, and the Safari Lodge. It takes pride in being the best site in Sabi Sand to see wildlife. The Rock Lodge, located on the Koppie’s high summit, provides panoramic views of miles of bushes, wildlife, and other enjoyable areas. The Safari Lodge is located along the banks of the dry Mabrak riverbed, providing a close-up view of the shrubs and animals.


Singita Ebony Lodge

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Singita Ebony Lodge is nothing more than a revitalizing reconnection to nature. Set among the huge trees along the Sand River, the Lodge offers a unique, modern, and spectacular safari experience.


Singita Boulders Lodge

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It is inspired by the textures, tones, and mood of nature. It provides relaxation and comfort. The Singita Boulders Lodge integrates every part of its surrounds and interior, delivering a nerve-soothing, exhilarating, and unique safari experience as well as access to 45,000 acres of untouched nature in the Singita Sabi Sand. Leopard sightings, bird watching, and animal viewings are just a few of the exciting activities available at the Lodge.


Phinda Vlei Lodge

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It is a remote, intimate, and enchanting plantation-style hideaway lodge with six suites on the outskirts of the Rare Sand Forest. It provides bush walks to explore the wilderness, as well as day and night safari drives to see the Big 5, as well as other species. The charming and ‘home-away-from-home’ lodge overlooks the Phinda Private Game Reserve’s unique Wetland System (vlei).


Savanna Lodge

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It is a 5-star resort in the Savanna Private Game Reserve, which is part of the famous Sabi Sand Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park Conservancy. Its location provides a clear and unobstructed view of the Big 5. Visitors enjoy a safari experience in an area densely packed with dams, which attract vast herds of game, including the Big 5, as well as over 400 bird species. The Lodge’s nine unique suites and facilities exemplify the elegance of a world-class luxury standard.


Lions Sands

Lion Sands
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Lion Sands Game Reserve takes pride in being one of Africa’s few untouched wilderness places. Lion Sands, located in the famed Kruger National Park and surrounded by plants and wildlife, encompasses 15,000 acres of habitat and is home to the highest and most diversified species densities in the southern hemisphere. Visitors can run around in the landscapes, which are ornamented with beautiful lights from the sky and vistas of various wildlife. The tree home in the middle of the bushes is situated at a vantage position that provides a panoramic view of all of nature’s delights.


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