Top 10 Countries With Largest Advanced Aircraft Fleets in Africa

Africa faces numerous security issues that necessitate the acquisition and development of new military weapons. From domestic conflicts and terrorism to maritime security and border control, a well-equipped military is more important than ever. Fortunately, some countries on the continent are getting more prepared for contemporary combat, particularly with their superior aircraft fleets.

One of the most significant challenges that African governments face is the high expense of obtaining cutting-edge military gear. Excessive expenses for acquisition, maintenance, and instruction may place additional strain on national budgets that are already overloaded by other developmental needs.

However, countries across the continent are realizing the significance of strengthening their military capabilities. One such resource is a fleet of Special Mission Aircraft.

Special Mission Aircraft is an intriguing and often underappreciated aspect of the aviation industry. These aircraft, unlike commercial airliners or ordinary military planes, are designed or modified to carry out specific and specialized missions.

Special purpose aircraft play vital roles in both military and civilian missions, such as information gathering and search and rescue.

According to Global Fire Power, which this list is based on, “Special Mission Aircraft are those platforms specifically developed to undertake an over-battlefield role by utilization of advanced onboard equipment or specialized traits. E.g. Airborne Early Warning, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, and Electronic Warfare platforms.”

With that said, here are the African countries with the highest amount advanced aircraft.

RankCountryNumber of special-mission aircraftGlobal rank
4.South Africa642nd

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