Tina Turner Died Without Meeting Her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren


Iconic singer, Tina Turner died without seeing her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it has been revealed.


Last week, Tina Turner died at age 83, which led to tributes from the entertainment world and fans worldwide.


While the singer suffered the tragic loss of her two biological sons, Craig Turner and Ronnie Turner, before her own passing, her two adoptive sons, Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner, are still alive.


She also leaves behind two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren — most of whom she never got to meet before she passed, according to a new report by Page Six.

Turner had two biological sons: Craig, with Raymond Hill — who was then adopted by Ike Turner and took his surname and Ronnie. She also adopted two of Ike’s sons with his first wife Lorraine Turner, Ike Jr. and Michael.

Twanna Turner, the daughter of Tina’s first husband, Ike Turner, said, “It’s time to heal … the family really wants and needs to heal, they have gone through so much, and they continue to go through so much.

“These two powerhouses were such an entity — there will never be another Ike and Tina.”

Tina spent the last few decades of her life living in Switzerland with her second husband, Erwin Bach, at her $76 million mansion known as Villa Algonquin.



Her first son Craig, whom she had with Raymond Hill — one of Ike Turner’s backing group members — was born when Tina was 18.


She then married Ike, who adopted Craig, and the couple welcomed their son Ronnie.

She then adopted Ike Jr. and Michael, whose mom was Ike’s previous wife Lorraine Taylor.


Ike and Tina’s famously troubled  marriage ended in divorce in 1978.

She barely knew her son Ronnie’s children, Raquel and Randy, nor did she ever get to meet Raquel’s little boys, Tyson and Tyrese.


Both Raquel and Randy have struggled and are still trying to come to terms with their father’s loss, we’re told.

While Craig and Ike Jr. never had kids, Michael has a daughter, Tiffany Turner-Dukes.


Turner-Dukes has three children: daughter, Marli, and sons, Amari and Gianni, with her husband.


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