TikTok Star MiriTheSiren Lands Shake Shack Partnership After Chick-fil-A Rejection

MiriTheSiren, a Chick-fil-A employee and TikTok content creator, has specialized in generating content that reviews Chick-fil-A meals over the past few months. Since January 2024, when she began her TikTok reviews, she has attracted hundreds of loyal followers.

AfroTech reports that a video of the fast food chain’s Cherry Berry drink has received 323,400 likes and 3.4 million views since April 8. Overall, she has received over 3.7 million likes for her Chick-fil-A meal videos.

“Since January, every day, I went to work at Chick-fil-A. I have been reviewing my employee meal since I started in January. I have garnered tens of millions of views in some of my individual videos, getting up to 3.4 million in just a few days,” MiriTheSiren said in a video.

“And it’s been a beautiful experience. It’s been so great. I’ve inspired people to try new things at Chick-fil-A. I’ve been able to connect more with my community and the people that I serve because they see my videos.”

Her Chick-fil-The films are popular, but they will be discontinued after the fast food behemoth warned her last week that they broke a regulation in its employee handbook.

She quickly stated in a video that the ban was in place before she began her TikTok videos, but she lamented the fact that Chick-fil-A was unwilling to make an exception for her or partner with her.

“I do wanna make clear that this rule was in place before I ever started making Chick-fil-A videos,” she explained on TikTok. “And unfortunately, Chick-fil-A is not willing to make an exception for me or collaborate with me in this case. I wanna make clear that this is not a punishment. It wasn’t that I did something wrong in my videos or said something in my comments that caused them to say, ‘No more videos.’ This was something that they didn’t know I was doing.”

She continued, “I feel at peace because I know this isn’t the end of my story. And I know that I don’t wanna be the Chick-fil-A girl forever. I’m not angry with Chick-fil-A… I do understand at the end of the day that it’s a business. And honestly, I still love the company. I’m still there for them. If you see me at my local Chick-fil-A, I’ll still be there serving up waffle fries, sandwiches, and smiles.”

She has now received overwhelming support from Chick-fil-A’s competitors and supporters. Today, she is forging a new path in her content creation career. On Sunday, she tweeted a sponsored Shake Shack video advertising the company’s food offerings, which contain no antibiotics or extra hormones.

According to PR Week, the video had received over 865,500 views as of Monday afternoon. Shake Shack claimed it adored her cooking videos after discovering them recently. “We, along with the rest of her community, were disappointed to hear that this chapter was coming to an end,” Mike McGarry, the company’s VP of brand marketing, stated. “We loved the energy and authenticity Miri brought to her content.”

Shake Shack and MiriTheSiren formed a collaboration after a TikTok DM led to a phone call. McGarry explained that Shake Shake collaborated with Miri because “everything about her content felt aligned with Shake Shack’s ethos of quality food and strong community.”

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