Tiffini Gatlin To Become The First Black-Owned Faux Hair Designer To Launch On QVC



Tiffini Gatlin launched Latched and Hooked Beauty, a premium synthetic hair extensions brand, in 2016. The brand’s goal is to assist Black women who are looking for non-toxic, stress-free, and affordable protective hairstyles.



Then, in 2021, Gatlin’s mission piqued Google for Startups’ interest, and she was awarded $100,000 for her venture. She was also named one of Ulta Beauty’s MUSE 100 honorees.


Gatlin’s popularity skyrocketed the following year after a QVC hair buyer approached her about developing a product for the network’s live show. Her time to shine, however, was delayed twice due to COVID-19, freight delays, and chemical product testing.


Gatlin is now being watched on a global scale, nearly two years later.


Gatlin will debut her synthetic wig design on QVC on February 4, making her the first Black-owned faux hair designer to do so in the shopping platform’s history.




“This historic moment means that I wasn’t crazy when I decided to enter into a niche market where there were no blueprints,” Gatlin said. “My work over the last six years was not in vain and I have proven that Black women want quality hair products to help them feel their most confident self.”

“I may be the first to launch a hair extension product for Black women on QVC but I certainly do not want to be the last,” she continued. “I hope this moment will inspire my fellow Black woman founders to persist in the face of adversities and if you define a problem and you are passionate about solving it, don’t seek validation — solve the problem and the rest will come.”

Latched and Hooked Beauty caters to Black women who experience scalp and skin sensitivity to hair fibers. The company combats the common issue by testing its hair fibers for toxins and making sure they are free of soluble heavy metals, lead content, phthalates, and formaldehyde in a lab. Latched and Hooked Beauty has created quick and efficient solutions for Black women’s hair.

“I wanted to design a wig for women who don’t wear wigs,” Gatlin explained. “Wigs can be intimidating and the wig I’m launching on QVC is a pre-tied turban wig so there is no lace cutting or gluing. Also, because the hair is synthetic there is no daily manipulation required. The goal was to create a wig that she can put on and go in 60 seconds or less.”


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