This Ghanaian Entrepreneur Created A Cult Following Among Africans in Canada Through Food



Eddie Ameh is a Ghanaian business owner in the Canadian retail food industry. He was relatively unknown until recently, but he had a steady customer base. He rose to prominence, however, after selling yam, a popular African tuber.

He now refers to himself as “The Yam Seller,” and claims that the moniker is his “claim to fame.” Ameh told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that he was going to Toronto to get some yams and decided to reach out to the Ghanaian community, which changed his life. He described the response he received as “pleasantly surprising.”

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He went from picking up “three boxes of yams” to working in a 3,600-square-foot store, he claims. In 2021, he will open the Yam Seller Africa Superstore on Victoria Street N. in Kitchener. The store was previously a hair design school.

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The shop sells African and Caribbean foods like halal meats and specially prepared goat meat, smoked fish like barracuda, and pepper soup spice seasoning, a ginger, thyme, and rosemary blend. Furthermore, he sells ripe plantain, which is a popular delicacy in many West African households.


Despite his Ghanaian origins, the majority of Ameh’s customers are Nigerians. He even helped them celebrate their independence day because he has established a strong rapport with them.

“It was a way of appreciating these customers,” Ameh said. “It’s not just taking their money at the store. It’s also giving back a little bit of what they have given me. It’s a reason to celebrate with them.”

Participating in the event had educational significance in addition to helping his Nigerian customers celebrate their independence day. According to him, many African children born in Canada are unaware of the food eaten in Africa.

“Displaying some traditional food, dances and music afforded this younger generation an opportunity to experience Nigerian culture,” he noted.



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