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These Six Homeless Sisters Are All Becoming Nurses Together

Six sisters made a vow a decade ago to pursue their dream of becoming nurses despite being homeless. The Lawrence sisters were thrust into this reality in 2013, when their parents, David and Yonette, lost their house in Queens, New York.

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It meant that the sisters had to live a nomadic existence, moving between the homes of various family members and friends. Despite the countless hurdles they faced, including turbulent and dismal moments, the Lawrence sisters stayed persistent.

This desire, however, was based on their father’s determination for the six sisters. David, their father, made a critical decision two years into their challenging journey typified by numerous relocations.

According to, he was steadfast in ensuring that their education was not hampered by their circumstances and pushed them to continue learning despite the difficulties of attending traditional schools.

As a result, the six older Lawrence sisters, who were in late elementary and middle school, enrolled in a homeschooling program with the goal of eventually receiving their GEDs. Dominique, 25, recalled their father’s determination not to let their circumstances limit their studies and dreams.

The tenacious Lawrence sisters remained unfazed in their pursuit of an education. They all received their GEDs in 2019, which was a huge accomplishment. Following that, they began their educational career at Long Island’s Nassau Community College.

They advanced to SUNY Old Westbury after two years of hard work, where they received bachelor’s degrees in public health in May. The Lawrence siblings, ages 19 to 25, understand that their journey is far from done.

They started a master’s program in public health at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University in August, with hopes of going to nursing school later.

Their narrative demonstrates the tenacity and commitment of these young women, who, despite a difficult and uncertain childhood, are now on a promising route toward accomplishing their goals.

Despite their turbulent childhoods, they persevered in pursuing a long-held ambition. David, their proud father, praised their cooperation in facing life’s problems, advising them to adapt and continue.


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