These 7 Drinks Can Help You Lose Weight, According To Studies



Do you want to lose weight? You’re not by yourself. While there are no drinks that will instantly make you lose weight, certain beverages will keep you satiated for longer and prevent you from consuming excess calories throughout the day.

There are also drinks we consume, particularly sugar-sweetened beverages, that account for unnecessary calories in the body, leading to weight gain and negative health effects.

Here are some low-calorie drinks to include in your diet if you want to lose weight.

  • Water

One of the simplest ways to improve your overall health is to drink more water.

Water has no calories and fills you up so you don’t overeat.

According to studies, drinking water before a meal helps you burn calories and lose weight.

Water consumption has also been shown to increase resting energy expenditure (the number of calories burned while resting) by 24-30% in just 10 minutes.

A 2019 study also discovered that increasing water intake and replacing caloric beverages with water results in a 5.15% loss in body weight.

So, instead of caloric beverages, drink water.


  • Coffee

Most people drink coffee to boost their mood and energy because it contains caffeine. It can, however, aid in weight loss.

Coffee has been shown to reduce appetite and calorie intake while increasing the number of calories burned while resting.

However, adding creamer, milk, or sugar to coffee increases the calorie content, which can negate the weight loss benefits.

So drink it on its own or with low-calorie additions like almond milk.

Protein shakes or smoothies are high-protein drinks or beverages.

The protein content in these shakes and smoothies suppresses hunger, promotes fullness, and reduces appetite, all of which are important when trying to lose weight.

A study also discovered that protein drinks increase hunger-reducing hormones while decreasing ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite.

Whey, pea, and hemp protein powders are examples of drinks you can incorporate into your diet today to help you burn calories.

However, when purchasing them, make sure to read the product labels to avoid getting ones with too much sugar.


  • Black Tea

Black tea is excellent for weight loss due to its high content of antioxidants known as polyphenols.

According to one study, the polyphenols found in black tea promote weight loss and lower the risk of obesity.

It was discovered that it reduces calorie intake, stimulates fat breakdown, and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.


  • Ginger Tea

Ginger is best known as a spice and a herbal remedy for conditions such as nausea and colds.

However, some studies have shown that it can help with weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Ginger can improve blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol due to its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a compound called gingerol.

Ginger tea also suppresses appetite while increasing the number of calories required for digestion and absorption.


  • Green Tea

Green tea is rich in two powerful antioxidants — catechins and caffeine.

These antioxidants, according to a study, are beneficial to weight loss as they help increase fat burning and boost metabolism.



  • Vegetable juice



It is generally known that eating vegetables is beneficial to health. However, turning them into juice also help lose weight.

Taking vegetable juice will reduce carb intake which will eventually lead to the loss of significant calories.


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