‘That’s Always The Goal’ – Damar Hamlin Says He Wants To Return To The NFL Following His On-Field Cardiac Arrest



NFL star, Damar Hamlin has revealed that he wants to return to the football field as he was presented on field alongside the medical staff who saved his life at Super Bowl LVII.

The Buffalo Bills safety told Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan that his goal is to return following his on-field cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2.




‘Eventually, that’s always the goal,’ Hamlin said in an interview that will run Monday morning February 13 on ABC. ‘As a competitor, I’m trying to do things just to keep advancing my situation. But allowing that in God’s hands. I’m just thankful he’s giving me a second chance.’


Hamlin was speaking in his first interview since being resuscitated on the Paycor Stadium turf by Bills medical staff. He collapsed on the field after a collision with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins on January 2.




Bills medical staffer Denny Kellington successfully resuscitated him by performing CPR for roughly nine minutes before Hamlin was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital. He was later transferred to a Buffalo medical facility and has since been discharged.


Hamlin was joined on stage at the NFL Honors Thursday night and they all received a warm welcome from the crowd at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona Sunday night.

Strahan asked Hamlin how he was feeling prior to his collapse.

‘Super normal,’ Hamlin said. ‘Feeling great. I’m thinking: finish the regular season strong, trying to get ready for that playoff push.’

Strahan asked Hamlin if he remembers standing after his hit on Higgins immediately before his collapse.

‘That’s something I don’t really want to get too deep into the details of,’ Hamlin said. ‘That’s something I’m still trying to work through. Why did it happen to me?’

Hamlin also discussed his first memories from the hospital.


‘Just hearing family members, my mom, and dad, friends that were there,’ he said. ‘And the first thing I said when I woke up was: ‘Did we win?’
Strahan laughed at Hamlin’s question to nurses.


The game, of course, had been suspended and was never completed.

‘I’m competitive,’ Hamlin explained. ‘That competitive nature in me was just still thinking about the game and I just wanted to know: Did we win?

As Hamlin remembers, the nurses told him he ?won.?  ?I won the game of life.?


Hamlin went on to say that he was touched by the outpouring of support.


‘I couldn’t even believe it. It just showed the unity of our league, and to the entire world,’ Hamlin said. ‘And I really think the whole situation showed that we can all come together. It was just a surreal moment.

‘I’m a person who? I kind of like my privacy in a way,’ he continued. ‘But this situation just brought me to the light of the world, which is a good thing in a way because I really feel like I stand for so much good. I want to be a good example for communities around the world. There’s a reason behind everything.’


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