Taylor Swift Sings About Breakup With Ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn


American music star, Taylor Swift who is yet to speak publicly about her breakup with ex-boyfriend and English actor, Joe Alwyn, has recorded a song about their romance.


She digitally released “You’re Losing Me” on her website on Friday, May 26, and her fans went wild, diving into her lyrics, looking for clues about their split.


In the song, Taylor ponders pulling the plug on her 6-year relationship with Joe, asking “Do I throw out everything we built or keep it?” Taylor then goes further, belting out “My heart won’t start anymore for you ’cause you’re losing me.”


She also alludes to the end of their romance, declaring “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone”, a famous line from Joni Mitchell, although that was about a parking lot.


Taylor’s fans really honed in on lyrics suggesting Joe rejected the idea of marrying the singer. She sings, “I’m the best thing at this party/And I wouldn’t marry me either/A pathological people pleaser/Who only wanted you to see her.”


Taylor Swift has moved on from the split with singer Matt Healy. Like Taylor, Joe is yet to officially comment on their split.

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