Tanzanian Students Missing in Israel Following Hamas Attack

Tanzania’s embassy in Israel is stepping up efforts to find two Tanzanian students who have gone missing in the aftermath of a Hamas strike in the region.

According to Ambassador Alex Kallua, the embassy has been working relentlessly to establish contact with roughly 350 Tanzanian nationals in various regions of Israel, the bulk of whom are students pursuing their educational goals.

Ambassador Kallua expressed grave worry over the safety of two Tanzanian students who are thought to be in the impacted area of south Israel. “We have learned that there are two students missing in Israel’s southern region, where the security situation remains precarious,” he said.

Despite the concerning situation, Ambassador Kallua remained optimistic, saying, “We have reason to believe that the two missing students are safe, and our utmost priority is to ensure their well-being. The embassy is diligently monitoring the ongoing situation to ensure the safety of all Tanzanian nationals residing in Israel.”

According to the Tanzanian embassy in Israel, there are roughly 350 Tanzanian citizens now residing in the country, with a substantial portion, approximately 260 people, actively pursuing agricultural programs as part of their educational path.

As the search for the missing students continues, Tanzanian and Israeli authorities are working together to provide aid and assure the two young scholars’ safe return. During this difficult period, the Tanzanian embassy remains committed to the welfare of its citizens in Israel.

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