Suge Knight Planning To Tell Life Story Via Biopic Series


Imprisoned Death Row Records co-founder, Marion “Suge” Knight is reportedly planning to turn his drama-filled life story into a TV series that goes even deeper into his infamous timeline than anything the public already knows.


TMZ Hip Hop reported that Suge and his brother, Brian Brown, are collaborating on a TV project that begins filming this summer.


The series will have a similar feel to 50 Cent’s hit show “BMF” with plenty of plot time allotted to tell Suge’s pre-music industry backstory as a kid growing up in Compton who aspired to be a football coach.


Suge, who’s serving a 28-year sentence for the 2015 killing of Terry Carter, reportedly has plenty of time to oversee the project behind bars and it was also gathered that he’s very hands-on in the process of selecting a director and actors, especially when it comes to the Tupac Shakur role.


The sources added that he’s putting acting chops above on-screen resemblance for whoever plays ‘Pac, and they are also expected to capture the icon’s mannerisms and style too.


Snoop Dogg has since acquired the rights to Death Row’s catalog and distributed the music in a $1 billion initiative with Larry Jackson.

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