SugarHill Confirms Tyson Fury Never Trained for the Usyk Fight


SugarHill Steward, Tyson Fury’s trainer, has confirmed that he was never training him for a March fight against Oleksandr Usyk. SugarHill claims to have been preparing WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie for his fight against David Light this Saturday night.

This means that WBC heavyweight champion Fury never intended to fight IBF, WBA, and WBO champion Usyk on April 29th because training camp had not yet began.

In other words, Tyson’s negotiations with Usyk, which ended today, were a hoax, and he never intended to face the unified champion for the undisputed title.

It was simply a waste of time for both the promoters and the fans. That would explain Fury making a lowball “take it or leave it” 70-30 split offer to Usyk and then insulting his promoter Alex Krassyuk on social media when he accepted.

If Fury was serious about fighting, he would have started training with SugarHill and would not have mocked Krassyuk for taking his offer.

“Everybody forgot that I’m training Lawrence Okolie, and his fight is in Manchester,” said SugarHill Steward to iFL TV when asked about Tyson Fury fighting Oleksandr Usyk. “My flight ticket leaves March 28th.

“I want him to fight the best, and he wants to fight the best. Hey, it happens when it happens. We have no control over it. All we can do is sit and control things we have control over and wait and see what happens.

“I don’t really care because I’m here, focused on Lawrence Okolie. That’s what I came here [to the UK] for. I’m happy everyone is asking me at this time because I’m here for Lawrence. I’ve been in training camp with Lawrence the whole time.

“It just so happens that there have been negotiations and talks about the Usyk vs. Usyk fight. Then we come to Manchester, and we’re going to go use Tyson’s gym to train, which obviously that’s where I’m going to go because that’s like home for me, and I’m comfortable there.

“Then we come down here for fight week and to continue training and preparing for this fight. I’m like the perfect storm. ‘Oh, Sugar is here now. It’s time; it’s happening.’ I’m like, ‘Tyson knows what I’m here for.’ I’m here for Lawrence. Tyson was in the gym with us, but I didn’t train Tyson.

“We didn’t do pads. We didn’t do anything like with Usyk. I’m training Lawrence,” said Sugarhill, confirming there was no training of Fury.


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