Sudan Evacuation Plane from Turkey is Shot by Paramilitary as It Lands at Khartoum


A Turkish evacuation jet was shot at by Sudanese paramilitary forces as it landed in Khartoum today, destroying the fuel supply.


According to the army, Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fired at the aircraft at the Wadi Saeedna airbase, demonstrating how precarious the situation is for those racing to rescue citizens from the war-torn country.


According to Sudan’s army, the plane landed safely after paramilitary forces opened fire and is being repaired.



Earlier reports claimed that a crew member was wounded in the attack but Turkey’s defence ministry said there were no injuries while confirming the plane had been fired at.



The RSF denied firing at the plane and said the army was ‘spreading lies’, adding: ‘Our forces have remained strictly committed to the humanitarian truce that we agreed upon since midnight, and it is not true that we targeted any aircraft in the sky of Wadi Seyidna in Omdurman.’

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