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Stephen A. Smith Says He’s ‘Underpaid Compared To Some People On Television’ Despite His Reported $12M Salary

Stephen A Smith


Stephen A. Smith has revealed some information about his ESPN salary.

Smith stated on “First Take” that he is underpaid by ESPN during a discussion about athlete compensation and the decreasing number of Black athletes born in the United States in Major League Baseball.

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While addressing the pay disparity that affects every Black person in the United States, he made it clear that the conversation was not about him. He did, however, add his two cents.


“In this country, we are still Black,” Smith said on “First Take.” “We don’t always trust this country in terms of meritocracy.” We know that, just as women are underpaid in comparison to their male counterparts, Blacks are underpaid in comparison to their white counterparts.”

“I’m not talking about me,” he continued, “even though I have some bad news for you: I am underpaid in comparison to some people on television, but that’s a topic for another day.” I’m not apologizing to a d-mn soul for that. I am being underpaid. Having said that, it’s not about me.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Smith earns $12 million per year, which includes a $8 million yearly salary and a $4 million-per-year production contract.

Smith’s ESPN credits include “First Take,” “NBA Countdown,” “Stephen A’s World,” and hosting year-round SportsCenter specials.



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