Spanish Police Breaks Up Human Trafficking Ring

spainish police


The Spanish police have dismantled in Malaga a criminal group dedicated to labor exploitation and fraudulent regulation of undocumented immigrants, mainly Moroccans, who were charged up to 3,000 euros for false contracts.


In the operation 43 people of various nationalities were arrested, including the leaders of the group.

As shown in the video released by the national police, the agents entered and searched four homes in the province of Malaga in which they seized more than 50,000 euros in cash and abundant documentation.

It is believed that at least seven agricultural companies were involved in the labor exploitation scheme. These companies presented immigrants without residence and work permits to the Administration under the identities of other people, who were regularized in Spain.

Some of the migrants were housed in subhuman conditions in houses provided by the organization. The images show a room with decrepit walls and a small single bed.

These companies also made false contracts to migrants, upon payment of between 1500 and 3000 euros. In this way they were able to regularize their situation, pay Social Security contributions and

Spain is a key gateway to Europe for illegal immigration from Africa. In 2022, more than 31,200 people entered the country without permission. However, this is 25% less than in the previous year.



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