South Carolina Mom Celebrates All Her 4 Kids Graduating in the Same Month

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Kanett Haynes of South Carolina had every right to rejoice when four of her children graduated earlier this month. All four completed either high school or college.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Haynes emphasized her pride in each of them and stated how she and her ex-husband made a faith-driven decision to relocate from Florida in order to enhance the family’s lives and provide their children more opportunities to find themselves.

So the family relocated to Spartanburg, and she and her husband both got jobs and apartments within a week. Haynes and her children are currently residing in Roebuck, and they have settled in well.

Haynes claimed that as a teen mother, she had to manage school and watching her baby and hoped that her children would be better than her, according to WYFF.

“The children got opportunities that they probably would not have gotten where we were living in Florida… different growth opportunities, different leadership opportunities. The blessings just fell on them,” she said.

Haynes’ first son, 29-year-old Xzavier Killings, who graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, revealed that he felt a connection with having to play football in middle school. He even mentioned receiving an athletic scholarship to continue his sports career in college.

He thanked his mother for imparting good principles in him and for standing by the family through difficult times. According to Black News, he wants to be a pediatrician.

Charity Haynes, 23, who graduated with an Associate’s degree in nursing from Spartanburg Community College (SCC), aspires to follow her senior brother in healthcare and is overjoyed to witness the fruits of her labor.

Their younger sister, 21-year-old Harmony, also graduated from SCC with an Associate’s Degree in biology, and also expressed her joy, “I’m looking forward to a bright future, just for an interesting journey,” she said, adding that she hopes to transfer to the University of South Carolina Upstate to finish her bachelor’s degree in science.

Finally, Jimmy Haynes, the last and fourth of Kanett’s children, graduated high school and hopes to study mechatronics in the autumn.Haynes finished third in their group in the SUPER MOM Super Moms tournament. Haynes informed the organization that she had given up on having time for herself and had dedicated all of her time and resources to her children.

“I felt that our money was better spent on the kids, their future, and our household. The sacrifice was real,” she said.

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