South Africa’s Barry Stuhler Earns $4.2 Million from Lighthouse Investment

Barry Stuhler, a South African real estate billionaire, has seen the market value of his holding in Lighthouse Properties increase by more than $4.2 million as a result of the Malta-based property company’s recent stock gain.

Stuhler’s interest in Lighthouse Properties has increased by R81.17 million ($4.23 million) during the last eight days. This increase is attributable to increasing investor interest, with shares in the leading real estate firm being snapped up.

This new boost builds on Stuhler’s earlier gains.Between March 15 and March 28, his investment in Lighthouse increased by $3.64 million, from R1.33 billion ($70.11 million) on March 5 to R1.4 billion ($73.75 million).

Lighthouse Properties, a Malta-based property corporation listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, has retail assets in Europe, including France, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK.

Barry Stuhler, a real estate veteran with three decades of experience and stakes in Resilient Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Pangbourne Properties, owns 9.72 percent of Lighthouse Properties, or 172,699,222 shares.

Lighthouse Properties’ share price has increased by 6.18 percent in the past eight days, from R7.6 ($0.39514) on April 16 to R8.07 ($0.4196), bringing the company’s market capitalization closer to $750 million.

Stuhler’s interest in Lighthouse Properties has climbed by R81.17 million ($4.23 million) in the last 8 days, from R1.31 billion ($68.33 million) on April 16 to R1.39 billion ($72.55 million).

Stuhler’s latest $4.23-million gain enhances his status not only as a high-value JSE investor, but also as one of South Africa’s wealthiest persons. His diverse portfolio demonstrates his expertise in navigating financial markets and capitalizing on opportunities.

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