South African Startup Peachz Launches Online Store For Mobile Accessories



South African startup Peachz aims to become the country’s foremost online tech and mobile accessories retailer after its August launch.

The Johannesburg-based Peachz is aims to make shopping for well-priced, durable products online “peachy”, with founder Tali Flax saying that early uptake has been beyond expectation.

The startup says it has committed to providing the best quality and prices within its sector, stating that customers should only have to purchase an accessory once.

“It’s frustrating replacing a charging cable every six months – regardless of whether it was expensive or not. We are so confident about the reliability and durability of our products that we offer a 12-month money-back guarantee,” said Flax.

Peachz currently stocks a variety of phone mounts and holders for the desk, car or motorcycle; Aux cables, Type C and A cables, and Mifi-certified iPhone cables.

“Peachz is off to a promising start, which I believe indicates the strong demand for high-quality accessories that perform as well as the electronic devices for which they are designed. We will continue to listen and cater to market needs,” said Tali.

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