South African President Ramaphosa Vows To Tackle Corruption And Energy Crisis



South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa said Sunday his ruling African National Congress (ANC) was determined to ‘fight against crime and corruption’ after a series of graft scandals have damaged the party’s popularity.

Ramaphosa was speaking in Bloemfontein at celebrations to mark the ANC’s 111th anniversary.

The day is used to outline the party’s programme of action and set the tone for the year ahead. It is also known as the January 8 statement.

“We will continue to heed your messages which you have articulated very clearly about the government, our movement taking steps to rid corruption out of South African life,” Ramaphosa said hundreds of party faithful.

Ramaphosa who was re-elected as ANC leader in December also said that ending blackouts and solving the energy crisis is one of the party’s top priorities.

He has conceded that load-shedding was harming the country’s economic growth.

South Africa is currently on Stage 3 power cuts.


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