South African Mogul Barry Stuhler Earns $3.79 Million from Lighthouse Investment

Barry Stuhler, a South African real estate entrepreneur, has increased his wealth by $3.79 million as a result of his investment in Lighthouse Properties. The Malta-based property company’s shares have recently surged on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Stuhler’s investment in Lighthouse Properties has increased in value by R70.81 million ($3.79 million) as renewed investors pick up shares in the firm.

Lighthouse Properties, a Malta-based property corporation listed on the JSE, owns a varied portfolio of retail assets in France, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK.

Notably, Stuhler owns a huge 9.72 percent investment in Lighthouse Properties, which equates to 172,699,222 ordinary shares valued at $72.12 million. This significant ownership places him among the wealthiest investors on the JSE.

Stuhler, the co-founder of Resilient Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), brings over three decades of real estate experience and also owns interests in Pangbourne Properties, a high-performing property investment company founded in 2007.

Lighthouse Properties’ stock has lately risen 5.54 percent, from R7.40 ($0.396) on February 20 to R7.8 ($0.417) today. This increase has resulted in huge returns for stockholders, including Stuhler.

Stuhler’s interest in Lighthouse Properties has increased in value by R70.81 million ($3.79 million), from R1.28 billion ($68.33 million) on February 20 to R1.35 billion ($72.12 million) today.

Stuhler’s $3.79-million gain strengthens his status as a significant investor on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and one of the country’s wealthiest businesses.

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