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South Africa Requests Twitter to Delete Alleged Hateful Video

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South African police have asked Twitter to remove a video that allegedly incites violence against those who do not want to participate in protest marches scheduled for March 20.


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the opposition party, is organizing statewide marches to protest the country’s electricity crisis and has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.


According to the Film and Publication Board (FPB), the film warns that any student wearing school uniform during the rallies, as well as instructors and police officers, will be beaten up.


“Internally, the FPB shall monitor the take-down by Twitter to ensure that no further dissemination or distribution by the public occurs,” the board said.


The general public has been urged not to share, re-post, or disseminate the aforementioned video, and violators may face punishment for disseminating or distributing banned content.


While the Julius Malema-led EFF party pledged to “shut down” the entire country on Monday, police have stated they will be on high alert to prevent any bloodshed.

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