Soulja Boy Wants To Create His Own Social Media App After Saying Farewell To Elon Musk’s Twitter



Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is continuing to alter the platform as we know it.

The Tesla CEO’s overhaul has included mass layoffs, the elimination of employee resource groups (ERGs), charging for the verification process, and other changes.

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Following the two drastic changes, it appears that Soulja Boy wants to be a social media founder himself.

Recently, the rapper publicly and directly voiced his frustration about Twitter to Musk.


“Bro leave Twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing,” he tweeted.

“Wow… I can’t believe this. F-ck it I’m going to create my own app,” he added.



Soulja Boy also stated that he will be on Instagram for the time being. He is the most recent celebrity to say goodbye to Twitter.

Soulja Boy had previously dabbled in technology prior to his Twitter announcement. Aside from launching his own gaming console, the entrepreneur is a partner in Kandiid, a Black-owned social media app for content sharing and monetization.

Soulja Boy is familiar with the online space, having successfully launched his music career with the help of Myspace.

His possible app could follow in the footsteps of Kandiid.

“I feel like a lot of creators; they come out with dances, videos, vlogs, content pitches, whatever it may be, music, and they have not been paid properly from the material they create,” Soulja Boy told Forbes. “These songs or videos go viral for millions of people to see, you can upload [on the app], sell it, and make money from it, and that’s what caught me and stood out to me about the pitch.”

“I think that’s good for everybody,” he continued. “Who doesn’t want to get paid from the content that they created? Even though we’re making the content for free, and people are viewing the content for free, the people that own the app, they’re making profit from ad revenues.”






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