Shannon Jackson is the First Black Woman to Own a Barbershop in Omaha

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Shannon Jackson, an entrepreneur, founded Heavi Hitters, a neighborhood barbershop in Omaha, Nebraska, making her the city’s first Black woman to own and run a barbershop. Jackson got her barbering license about a decade ago.

She is now 31 years old and has made it her purpose to give back to her community as much as she can. Through the back-to-school effort, she allegedly provides free regular haircuts to homeless people and children.

In 2019, she founded Heavi Hitters with an all-female team. Jackson believes that having an all-female crew demonstrates how women can be major players in sectors dominated by males.

“It’s given our clients, a different perspective of life, being in a male-dominated world,” hairstylist Ayanna Carfield said.

In addition to haircuts, Heavi Hitters also provide services from braids to wigs, to makeup, and tattoos.

“Seeing that they feel completely different from when they first came in like I can have somebody come in and have the worst day ever. But once they come out of my chair, they feel completely different a whole new person,” Carfield said.

As a result of the company’s growing client list, they recently moved to a spacious facility on 65th and Maple to serve their customers better.

“With this new salon and being in this area, we get a lot of traffic,” said Latoria Neal, who is also a hairstylist at Heavi Hitters.

Latoria believes the secret to the success and expansion of the barbershop could be attributed to the sisterhood within the shop. “We all grew together, like a sisterhood with each other, like, this is my family,” she told KETV.

Congratulations to the girls.

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