Senegal’s Seydou Sarr Becomes Best Young Actor at Venice Film Festival

On Saturday, Seydou Sarr received the prized Marcello Mastroianni award for outstanding young actor at the 80th Venice Film Festival. He won this award for his performance in the film “Io capitano,” in which he depicted a Senegalese youngster going on a perilous journey to Europe.

Their contemporary odyssey led them to the horrible horrors of Libyan prison centers and the risks of the sea. The film addressed a nascent issue that has become an albatross for many African governments: African immigration to Europe.

Sarr expressed heartfelt thanks for the award in his acceptance speech, dedicating it to excellent performances by budding actors.

Director Matteo Garrone chose Sarr, a non-professional performer from Senegal. He practically turned the youngster into a man. Sarr and Moustapha Fall, both Senegalese, were cast as the film’s major performers.

The film was shot consecutively in Senegal and Morocco, with the performers only receiving scripts at the start of each day’s production. This method allowed the actors to experience their characters’ journeys in real time, with no idea what would happen next. This strategy, according to director Garrone, added genuineness to the performers’ performances.

The young players encountered apparent dangers, but they recognized that, in order to have a better life, what they endured was unavoidable, as reported by dev debate.

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