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Sarah Ferguson Calls Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s US Move “Brave”

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, seemingly commented on her nephew Prince Harry’s exit from royal life.

When asked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to the U.S. during an interview on Australian television, Ferguson said, “The thing is—and I’m really adamant about this—is that anyone that is out there really trailblazing for their own beliefs, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, you trailblaze for what you believe … That’s very brave.”

She continued, “I would never be one to make a comment on any other member of the royal family or anybody who does that. I just find anyone that stands very tall about their own beliefs is very brave, whoever it is.”

This is not her first time indirectly commenting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decisions. In April, she seemed to subtly dig at their decision to leave.

“You can’t have it both ways,” Ferguson told the Independent. “You can’t sit on the fence and keep one foot in and one foot out. You’re either in or out. But then don’t cry about not being invited to weddings. You chose to leave, now go and live it – and be it.” When the interviewer explicitly asked about Prince Harry, she replied, “I don’t believe in judging anyone, and I would just ask for a little more kindness.”

In March, Ferguson also said she wouldn’t pass any judgement on Harry and Meghan. “I don’t believe that any single person has the right to judge another person. I’m not in a position myself to make any judgments. I have been judged all my life, and I have no judgment on the Sussexes,” she told People. “I think that Diana would be incredibly proud of her grandchildren. And not just the Sussex grandchildren, but Will’s children.”

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