Russia Fires 40 Missiles, 40 Drones At Ukraine Overnight – Zelensky

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia fired more than 40 missiles and 40 drones at Ukraine overnight, striking Kharkiv once more and targeting “critical infrastructure” across the country.

Kyiv reported a “massive” attack on the country’s major infrastructure, however no one has been confirmed killed.

“Overnight, Russia fired more than 40 missiles and 40 drones at Ukraine,” Zelensky said on X.

“Some missiles and ‘Shahed’ drones were successfully shot down. Unfortunately, only a part of them,” he added.

“There was another vile missile attack on Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region,” he said. The northeastern city has been pounded by Russian attacks — some deadly — in recent weeks.

According to Zelensky, infrastructure facilities were also targeted in Kyiv, the southern cities of Zaporizhzhia and Odesa, and the western city of Lviv, located close the Polish border.

“Russian terrorists once again targeted critical infrastructure,” he said.

Moscow has repeatedly targeted Ukraine’s energy installations in recent months, conducting some of its most powerful aerial assaults of the two-year conflict.

Zelensky urged Ukraine’s Western allies not to “turn a blind eye” and to provide additional air defense systems.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister, Igor Klymenko, said hundreds of rescuers had been deployed around the nation following “massive shelling”.

“For several hours, the Russian military attacked five regions of Ukraine, hitting critical infrastructure,” he said.

He said Moscow fired “more than 10 missiles” at Kharkiv, leaving parts of the city without electricity.

“Fortunately, according to operational data, today’s attack resulted in no deaths or injuries,” he said.

The mayor of Kharkiv warned that “problems with energy supply are possible” in the city, Ukraine’s second-largest.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, Governor Ivan Fedorov reported “explosions” early Thursday.

The head of the Lviv region, Maksym Kozytsky, said Russia attacked a gas distribution facility and an electric substation with “cruise missiles of various classes and drones”.

“Fires started. They were quickly extinguished by firefighters,” he said on social media.

Russia, meanwhile, claimed to have destroyed 12 Ukrainian drones overnight, including three as far east as the Mordovia region.

Others were destroyed in the Kursk, Tambov, Belgorod, Bryansk, and Lipetsk districts, the report claimed. Ukraine has been bombing Russia with drones for several months.

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