Royals Mull Response After Names Revealed In Harry, Meghan ‘Racism’ Row

Buckingham Palace is mulling its next move after a British TV host named two royals who purportedly raised worries over Prince Harry’s son’s skin color, according to a royal source on Thursday.

Speculation has been rife since Harry and his mixed-race wife Meghan made the assertions about their time in the royal family in an explosive US television interview in March 2021.

Following the incident, Harry’s late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, stated that “some recollections may vary” about what was said.

His older brother, Prince William, heir to their father, King Charles III, has likewise stated that the royals are “not a racist family.”

Harry and Meghan, who left the royal family in early 2020 and came to the United States, have subsequently denied accusing the family of racism, instead claiming a “unconscious bias.”

The claims have resurfaced after the Dutch edition of a new book by royal analyst Omid Scobie allegedly named the two royals, requiring the versions to be pulped.

Piers Morgan, a former UK tabloid newspaper editor who has regularly criticized Harry and Meghan, then publicly named the couple in order to allow for a “open debate” about what happened.

He told viewers of his TalkTV show “Uncensored” on Wednesday night: “I don’t believe that any racist comments were ever made by any of the royal family.

“And until there is actual evidence of those comments being made I will never believe it.”

Meghan stated in the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview that the joke regarding Prince Archie was made by one person, not two, as Scobie claims in his book.

Asked to respond to Morgan’s comments, the royal source told AFP: “We are considering all options.”

The UK Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that could include legal action.

Scobie, who co-wrote a favorable biography of Harry and Meghan, has stated that he did not name the royals in the English edition of “Endgame” for legal concerns.

According to the Daily Mail website, the names were in the manuscript submitted to the Dutch translator who worked on the book, Saskia Peeters.

“As a translator, I translate what is in front of me,” she said, according to MailOnline.

“The names of the royals were there in black and white. I did not add them. I just did what I was paid to do and that was (to) translate the book from English into Dutch”.

According to the UK media trade journal Press Gazette, Morgan and TalkTV “have risked a possible defamation action” by publicizing the claim.

However, legal experts say the chances of them doing so are slim, not least because it would oblige the names to be legally placed in the public domain.

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